12 July 2017

OPO Accomplishments: wins AVA Digital Awards, Goodmeetsworld receives $10,000 Grant

By: Megan McKissen

You could call this bragging, but OPO Startups might have more award-winning and accomplished entrepreneurs per square foot than any program supporting startups anywhere. In the past two years, we’ve had:

  • One member recognized as the fastest growing company in Missouri on the Inc. 500.
  • Two members ranked among the 25 fastest growing privately held companies in St. Louis.
  • One member go from startup to acquisition by a major company within their industry in less than two years.
  • One member twice recognized as a “LinkedIn Top Voice.”
  • One member receive a grant from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

This list could go on. And on.

However, we haven’t done the best job telling the world about our success, so we are going to start doing that right now, beginning with and Goodmeetsworld.

Founded by Emmy-award-winning director Bob Miano, offers visual communications services including video and still creation, writing, location filming, customer testimonials, audio recording, and sound design for a wide array of clients.

The company recently won two Gold AVA Digital Awards for its work on an informational video about Arise Equine Therapy, a nonprofit that helps individuals and organizations rise above their challenges through equine-assisted therapy. One of the awards recognized for special achievement in sound design. Every sound-effect in the video, including the horses galloping, snorting, and munching on grass, was added after the shoot by the team.

The result was an award-worthy soundscape.

Congratulations to Bob Miano and the team at for great work!

Another OPO member, Goodmeetsworld, was also recently recognized for its good work.

Goodmeetsworld is one of OPO’s newer members. The company builds revolutionary giving programs that enable businesses to give back with every product or service sold. Businesses choose a cause to support, and founder Zachary Tucker’s team builds a seamless giving program that connects the business to the nonprofit, and creates social media content that promotes the relationship between the business and the nonprofit to customers and other stakeholders.

The business grew from a concept Tucker developed while running a lighting company he cofounded and later sold. The company recently received a grant to promote environmental philanthropy from E2, a national, nonpartisan group of business owners, investors, and others who advocate for policies that are both good for the economy and good for the environment.

The $10,000 grant Tucker and his team received will be used to encourage Goodmeetsworld’s clients to work with environmentally focused causes.

Congratulations to and Goodmeetsworld for their accomplishments, and to all the OPO members who are working to create a culture of innovation in St. Charles and St. Charles County.

We appreciate your hard work, and look forward to recognizing your accomplishments on the OPO Blog!

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